Isn't It Time You Used Your Speaking Power for a Richer Life?

The ability to speak is one of life's greatest gifts. Doing it well will enrich your life as it has enriched the lives of so many others. 

What is speaking your power?

In its simplest form, it's the courage and know-how to say what needs to be said in a way that will be heard.

Let me tell you a story that illustrates how important speaking power can be.

It was 2:20 a.m. My training partner and I had just arrived at the San Francisco Airport after a flight delay. We each were headed to our respective homes. I to Mil Valley, and Ian to the East Bay. He waited with me while we hailed a taxi, gave me a hug and helped me into the cab. 

Shortly after leaving the airport, the cab driver said, "I need to stop for gas." 

To which I quickly and firmly replied: "I would not do that if I were you." 

I'm not sure what he had in mind, but at 2:30 am, I wanted him to KNOW, in no uncertain terms, that even though I was a single woman, it was not in his best interests to try anything. And he heard it.

He drove me straight home.

When You Have Speaking Power

You communicate rather than simply talk because you know what to say...and how to say it.

You feel confident in business and social situations because you understand what's needed. You're listened to...and taken seriously.

You're at ease with yourself because now you have confidence, and the courage to stand up, speak out and do it graciously.

You use your voice for the good of yourself and others.

It's a New World!

Today because of the internet, the world is at your fingertips with just a few clicks of the keyboard. More business is being conducted online, highlighting the need to speak clearly and well. With Skype and Zoom at our command, you can close business deal in Scotland or speak to associates and family almost anywhere in the world.

Your Speaking Power is an outgrowth of my more than 20 years of being in the communication field. It didn't take long to realize that no matter how good an actor is, s/he is just as nervous of speaking without a script as any one else. Maybe more so.  

After a time of teaching executives and other business people how to improve their presentations, it became obvious that the real value of communications is in how a person conducts themselves in day-to-day situations.

Your Speaking Power goes beyond presentations; it looks at the principles of how the most fulfilled people communicate; it shows how speaking well with understanding leads to greater opportunities and happier results.

Our time-tested techniques will give you outstanding results, give you a life richer in positive outcomes. Though the world is changing increasingly faster thanks to technology, human nature is still human nature. No matter the medium used to speak, the principles stay the same. The open exchange of ideas is needed now more than ever.

It's time to make your voice count.

One Of Greatest Gifts You Can Give Yourself...and others is To

Develop Your Speaking Power

We've seen it over and over again. When people improve how they speak, their confidence soars. But that's not all. Other people pay more attention to what they say. They are more sought-after. The more people pay attention, the better the person feels, the more courage the person has. Eventually everyone whose life s/he touches, improves. 

The ability to speak well is noticed. It often determines our degree of success. Some researches place it as high as 85%!

Learning to face our fears and master them pays big dividends. And when someone truly understands all the aspects of their speaking power, it's a win-win for everyone. 

"The first result of speech training is self-discovery." Ralph Smedley

Services offered:

***** Online Presentation Evaluatio-

Content, delivery or both will be evaluated based on your needs.

***** Coaching -

 whether for a specific event or to prepare yourself for the opportunity that is sure to come your way. We start with where you are, and what you want to work on. Every client is different. All have areas that need strengthening as well as strengths.

***** Courses

"7 Steps to a Stand-Out Presentation"   This course will show you how to put a presentations together faster than you've ever thought possible. Also serves as a guide to developing other types of content.

How We Make a Difference in Your Life: 

One aspect of understanding yourself and improving your speaking is that it is as important in your private life as it is in your professional life. 

When you learn to see yourself as others see you, you can begin to make the changes you need to make. When you learn the principles behind speaking well, it erodes your doubts and you gain confidence. What was once foggy and uncertain becomes clear and manageable. 

You lose the fear and gain the confidence.  

The world needs you to stand up and speak out, unlike as so many are doing today, you can stand up and speak out about what you believe constructively.

When you know what it takes to make your points clear, and your words memorable, watch your confidence grow. That's when you'll discover Your speaking power. 

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