Hi, I'm Virginia Avery.

I'm so glad you decided to take a look at 

Your Speaking Power!

Why? Because speaking is so important to success! And not only business and career success. It's important in your day to day interactions with others: friends, family, colleagues. Research claims that 85% of anyone's success is a result of their communications. And my aim is to help you be more successful when you communicate.

It's through your meeting, greeting, and speaking that people get to know and trust you. Only then, as I'm sure you know, are people eager to buy. Regrettably business people sometimes forget that. And that proves costly. 

Communication is a complex subject. Even though I've been in this field for more than 20 years, I still keep learning new things--and probably will until my last day here.

In those more than 20 years, I've been on stage, on TV; I've worked as a writer, trainer and coach. That gives me the ability to look at presentations from "what's said," how it's said, and how it's delivered. All important aspects of speaking.

I definitely believe communications is undervalued. Undervalued as an income generator, undervalued as a means to increase employee production, and undervalued as a way for making the world a kinder, friendlier place.

Now that I've introduced myself to you, I hope you'll introduce yourself to me. I'd enjoy knowing more about you, and the kind of communication problems you face. Drop me a line at Virginia@YourSpeakingPower.com with your questions and concerns. 

Yours for more profitable communications,